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Michigan Lotto 47 Lottery Predictions

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Here are our predictions for the Michigan Lotto 47 Lottery for the next lottery drawing. Check back after every drawing for the most up to date predictions. If you don't want to play all of the lines, start from the top and play as many lines as you want working down.

Line 1 : 1-6-9-13-15-22

Line 2 : 1-6-12-14-19-28

Line 3 : 1-8-12-15-29-33

Line 4 : 1-8-13-19-32-35

Line 5 : 1-9-14-29-35-40

Line 6 : 4-8-12-14-22-32

Line 7 : 4-8-13-15-28-36

Line 8 : 4-9-13-19-29-33

Line 9 : 6-12-15-32-35-40

Line 10 : 6-14-22-29-33-36

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