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May 27th to June 2nd, 2024 Tarot Lottery Numbers

Join us at 11am CT on Friday the 24th of May 2024, for the next edition of our newest Lottery Tip Sheet, Tarot Lottery Numbers by Lottery Predictor!

Lottery Predictor is launching it's first new Tip Sheet in over 6 years and this one is going to be highly Exclusive!

Only a limited number of copies are available each week.

We proudly present our new weekly Lottery Tip Sheet - Tarot Lottery Numbers by Lottery Predictor!

Harnessing the power of Tarot reading, we are now able to offer a weekly Lottery Tip Sheet with Pick 3 & Pick 4 numbers based daily drawn Tarot cards.

Each day has a Tarot card pulled from the Major Arcana which is then used to select Three Pick 3 lottery numbers and Three Pick 4 lottery numbers that can be played.

The weekly tip sheet includes a complete week's worth of numbers. Easy to read and easy to follow. Playing your lottery numbers has never been easier.

A new tip sheet will be released each week. We will be slowly opening up new spots each week for people to get in on this amazing Tip Sheet.

If you purchased the previous week's sheet, you will have the first opportunity to keep your spot for the following week before we open up spots for new people to sign up!