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5 Ways To Pick Your Winning Mega Millions Lottery Numbers

5 Ways To Pick Your Winning Mega Millions Lottery Numbers

5 Ways To Pick Your Winning Mega Millions Lottery Numbers


Picking the winning Mega Millions winning numbers is no easy. If it were there would be a lot more winning jackpot tickets. The odds of winning the jackpot are currently 258.9 million to one. Someone eventually has to win the jackpot though, so while the odds may be steep, it could still be you. How to choose your numbers has often been debated but there is no reason why it can’t be fun to pick your numbers.

Before we start to pick the numbers, let’s get a quick refresher on what numbers you can pick.

Pick 5 regular numbers between 1 and 70
Pick 1 megaball number between 1 and 25

Here are 5 ways to pick your winning Mega Millions lottery numbers.

1. Ask your family for numbers

Make picking your numbers a fun family event. If you are only playing one ticket, have each family member pick a number each. Use it as an excuse to phone up other members of your family as well and have them pick a number. If you are playing more than one ticket, have each family member pick their numbers for their own ticket. Just make sure you make it clear the jackpot belong to the family just in case you win.

2. Use your dreams

If you had a recent dream that you remember, maybe there was a clue in your dream. There are a lot of ways in which numbers can occur in your dreams. Maybe a room number, or a partial telephone number. Maybe its the number of people in your dream or the age of someone you are talking to. Numbers are everywhere in our dreams.

3. Draw from a hat

If you want to go for the real lottery experience, try recreating a drawing. Write all the numbers down on a piece of paper and then draw them out one by one. Get your family involved and have everyone pick out a number from the hat.

4. Turn it into a drinking game

Have some fun at the bar with your friends while picking numbers. Take turns counting down from 70 to 1 but each time add one to the subtraction. For example, 70 (-1) = 69, 69 (-2) = 67, 67 (-3) = 64 and so on. Take tuns round the table with each number. Whenever someone gets a number wrong, that becomes one of the numbers you pick. If you get to 1, start back at 70 but keep the subtraction amount going.

5. Get a quick pick

If all else fails you can always fall back to quick picks. You can get a quick pick from the store when you buy your ticket. You can also use an online quick pick generator such as the one at

Anyway you choose to pick your numbers, we hope they come out for you and you win a lot of money. Good Luck!

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